Early spring brings early blooms at the Royal Botanical Gardens

Winter Rose‘Winter Rose’

I purchased this early bloomer last year from the Royal Botanical Garden Auxiliary in Burlington.  I think it is meant to bloom in March but started late February since our winter has been so mild.

Dwarf Iris‘Katherine Hodgkin’-Dwarf Iris

This is one of my favourite Dwarf Iris, photographed in the garden of the Royal … Read more

Nature sightings during the first week of Spring

Snowy Owl in FlightAfter hoping and waiting to see a snowy owl, we had that opportunity last Sunday. We were going for a walk down in Bronte Harbour, Oakville, Ontario and we had been told that someone had seen a snowy owl hunting seagulls in the harbour so we had to see for ourselves. We were able to … Read more

Juvenile Cooper’s Hawk

Juvenile Cooper's HawkSunday was an amazing day for taking a hike along the trails of Grindstone Creek in Burlington, also known as one of the parks of the Royal Botanical Gardens. We were amazed on how many people had come out to enjoy the weather and get some photography in. Amongst the tree tops we spotted this … Read more

Wind Angel

Wind Angel, wood carving

Beautiful image carved out of an old tree stump.

This beautiful carving was taken during a Photo Meetup last Sunday, March 4th in Port Credit, Mississauga, Ontario. It was a beautiful day for photography the lighting was just right and the sky was the deepest blue. Amazing work the artist did in using an old … Read more

Package Design

I have the opportunity to work with many different clients in different industries and one of them of them being Bombchelle – Natural Handmade Bath Products. They hired Abbey Graphics to design their logo, business cards and design of all of their packaging for their bath line to their baby line. The photograph of the … Read more

11 Years in business!

WOW, 11 Years in business! Time to celebrate and reflect. I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else.… Read more

My Newly Designed Website

The launch of my newly designed website, a year in planning but finally has come into fruition YEAH! Why is it always your own stuff gets put on the backburner? Hope you like it. www.abbeygraphics.com.… Read more

Royal Botanical Gardens

I met with coordinators of the Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington to go over booth placement for their upcoming Home and Garden Show.  We will be at booth 2c, located in the main hall, displaying our fine art photography for show and sale. Our photos can be viewed at www.abbeyphoto.ca . I can’t wait to … Read more

Oakville Arts Council

I met with the event coordinator for the Oakville Arts Council and had a tour of the new Queen Elizabeth Part Community and Cultural Centre. Looking forward to being a part and displaying my portraits at the open house March 24th.  http://www.oakville.ca/culturerec/queen-elizabeth-park-community-cultural-centre.htmlRead more

Lakeshore Woods Community Newsletter

Lakeshore Woods Community Newsletter is complete and ready for delivery in the community of Lakeshore Woods. A newsletter designed and maintained by Abbey Graphics since 2006 with the help of a colleague Karen Korody from Canfin financial. The newsletter has been a great communication piece amongst the residents of Lakeshore Woods bringing targeted information on … Read more